Friday, 6 November 2015

Libraries using Social Media

Social media is a great way for libraries to connect with their patrons, as they can post updates on a regular basis, and interact with people on a more personal level. It is very easy to post something in social media and get patrons attention to information delivered right to their news feed. Social media also offers a great place for discussion and for promotion of library services – especially upcoming events.

National Library of Australia

The NLA uses the following social media platforms to engage with their users:

Twitter: for notifying users about news, collection items, and upcoming events.

Facebook: for notifying users about major events, activities and new collection items. Information about the library is also posted through photos videos and resource links.

Instagram: for sharing photos of collection highlights, as well as promoting special events, exhibitions and other interesting activities.

Flickr: The national library is a member of The Commons on Flickr.

Geelong Regional Libraries 

GRLC uses social media in the following ways:

Facebook: they use fun content to engage with their users on a regular basis, and occasionally posts reminders of library news and events.

Pinterest: they share new collection items, promote their library spaces (particularly the new Geelong Library), and offer staff picks for the savvy reader.

Twitter: they offer short bursts of information relating to news, events and new collection items. Occasionally they will ask for feedback from their followers.

Instagram: they share photos of library activities and compete in photography competitions.

Flickr: they use this similarly to their Instagram account.

Google+: they occasionally post images from their Picassa account.

Youtube: they upload videos from special events and author talks, as well as instructional videos.

State Library of Victoria

The SLV is probably my favourite library, and as I only rarely get a chance to visit, it is great to have access to their social media profiles online.

Facebook: their news feed is usually full of digitised images of local historial art, photography and newspaper clippings. They also use facebook to notify their followers of current and upcoming events, and enable people an easy way to contact them.
Twitter: mostly the same content as their Facebook feed, they also use it to promote current and upcoming events, and remind patrons of information such as the library opening hours.

Youtube: The State Library has a long list of videos covering many topics. These topics include: 100 Readers, Discover the Library, Library Life, and Visitors to the Library among others.

Instagram: With simlar content to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, Instagram focuses more on the images. The State library has a great collection of historical images – both digitised art work and old photography. Instagram is a great way to see some of their collection in an easy to navigate online environment.
Flickr: their flickr account has a similar purpose as their Instagram account, and is a great place to see their collection of historical photography.
Blog: The State library even has a blog which is located on their website. The blog covers many different library related topics and has an archive going back 5 years.

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