Monday, 9 November 2015

Libraries using! is a social media tool which was completely off my radar before I began the Social Media unit of the Library, Information and Cultural services course at Victoria University.

In this modern world, is such a great curatorial tool for libraries. The whole world has gone digital and everyone’s attention is online. Now days if you want to do research or learn something new, you rarely turn to a book but hit google instead. is a great way for libraries to remain relevant to their internet savvy users. If anything it is just another way of catering to patrons needs for information and knowledge.

With you can collect and categorise articles from all over the web. It is kind of like Pinterest, only you can read the full article from and the focus is on the information not on the image.

None of the libraries I use have a account, and now that I am aware of the existence of I kind of wish they did. I would be very interested to see what they would share, considering the interesting things they post through their current social media accounts.

Thing 14:Curating with Pinterest, Tumblr, and provides some interesting insights into the different social media curating tools used by libraries:

 “Curatorial tools give users easy ways in which to gather their favourite interests across the internet and host all the pictures, recipes, conversations, news articles, links, videos in one place.

Scoop.It is a ‘create your own magazine’ service which allows you to ‘clip’ from websites, Twitter, RSS feeds, YouTube, Slideshare, Facebook, and custom Google searches. It allows you to enter sources and it then provides suggestions for you to Scoop It and add commentary for customizable topics based magazines.

The Daring Librarian also provides an interesting blog post about curating using called DigitalCuration & Sweet Scoopage

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