Monday, 9 November 2015

Libraries using Instagram

I am relatively new to the world of Instagram. As it requires the use of a smart phone and I only bought my first smart phone a couple of months ago, I missed out on Instagram’s first few years of existence. Now however I am definitely making up for lost time and it has now beaten Facebook on my ladder of favourite social media platforms. 

As an avid amateur photographer and lover of witty one liners I am really enjoying gaining a following through sharing my happy snaps. I learned very quickly the importance of hash-tagging. Originally I despised hashtags – they don’t do a whole lot on Facebook and I’m not really a fan of twitter. But on Instagram if you want people to see what you post, then hashtags are the way to go.

My favourite library, the State Library of Victoria (such an amazing historical building and such a rich supply of resources) has an amazing Instagram account

The state library has a great collection of historical images – both old photographs and digitised art – which can be viewed on Instagram. This is such a great way to view these images from the comfort of your home or anywhere from your smart phone. These images can also be viewed on their Flickr account.

Instagram can be a great way to promote special events, as well as new collection items. All images can be captioned and hashtags make it easy to find your image when they search for one of the keywords. 

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